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Forum Rules

Post by Cora on Wed Feb 10, 2016 8:45 pm

» Listen to administrators and moderators
» No swearing (damn and hell are exempt) -- This includes pictures/gifs and links to such.
» No sexual content.
» No harassing other members.
» No double accounting.
» No spamming.
» No bumping topics.
» No advertising.
» Use the edit button instead of reposting edited information.
» No double posting.
» Ask the admins before taking anything from this site.
» Leaving the site doesn't exempt you from following the rules. If, for example, you write anything hurtful about other members in your leaving topic, we will edit the hurtful part out. If you edit it back in again, we will delete it and lock the topic.
» If we hear of you being rude to a member offsite (Skype, Instagram, Tumblr, etc.) or if someone from another site comes to us and tells us you have been causing problems, you will get a warning. Just because it isn't on here doesn't mean we will tolerate it.
» Administrators reserve the right to withhold explanations for any reasons.
» All members receive 4 regular character slots upon joining the site and 1 character born from one super and one mortal; to get more characters, extra slots must be purchased from the site store or won via mystery box/contest.
» Roleplaying requires an approved character.
» No power playing or god modding.
» Characters can be in five topics at a time.
» No posting with private roleplays uninvited.
» Only an administrator can role play a canon character (unless someone is given special permission).
» Quests can only be given by administrators, and only approved members may participate.
**Admins and Moderators can't manage everything on the forum so please let us know if you see something breaking any rules.

» Punishments are given out in a case by case scenario so the more you break the rules, the harsher the punishment


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